Our Story

Back in university we had the opportunity of studying with hundreds of other students from all over the country. These were students who were really talented—who could have been excellent photographers, brilliant writers, enthralling speakers, design geniuses and music prodigies, had they pursued their passion. Many of them were now regretting for not exercising their will and going the conventional way. For most of them, it was already too late.

We saw this as a problem and wanted to explore what we could do about it. Therefore, we went to schools to get to the root of this dilemma. We conducted surveys, focus group interviews, hosted discussions. There was confusion: children were not sure of what they wanted to do and were less happy with what they were doing.

As the truth became more and more clear to us, we started to come up with different approaches to bring about a change. As fate had it, we came up with something we believed could change the game completely. An open platform for students to explore, discover and develop at a very young age. And thus, RESSET was born.


RESSET fills in the void in our education system where young minds are given an opportunity to explore passion, realise potential and excel. RESSET complements the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) proposed by CBSE.

The complete programme is divided into 3 stages:


Identifying the state of Chaos

standards VIII and IX

At this stage we begin with a round of introductions, a set of activities and sessions which aim at bringing out the state of confusion and chaos in the minds of the students, out in the classroom, right in front of them.

Just about perfect to arouse the right curiosity and excitement and to make them ponder over the big picture that lies ahead of them.


Feeding important & valuable information

standards VIII and IX

With inquisitiveness running on a high at this stage, the students explore the boundaries of different arts and sciences through an interactive and participative set of activities.

A wonderful way to unearth the limitless choices that exist in the world and to discover their true passion.


A new beginning

standards VIII and above

This is the stage that students look forward to the most. It entails exposure to real-life projects and activities. If they wish to paint, act, direct or write a story, we help them do that. We are building a network of experts (contact us if you are one yourself) who can help us conduct workshops and give meaningful exposure to the students.

We see these activities turn into hobbies that are cherished for over a life-time, and so this stage is not constrained by a timeline.

Frequently Asked Questions

So you’ve conducted a few surveys, what were the findings?

Our research reaped some astonishing facts. We have tried to categorise these for you. We found:

  • Confusion & chaos deeply rooted in the student’s thought process
  • Low confidence to pursue a passion or talent due to limited support
  • Lack of awareness and self discovery
Where & when do you conduct this program?

RESSET reaches out to schools students. We conduct this program in collaboration with the school.

Secondly, although most of the program may take place in the school premises & timings, there might be some activities such as field trips or workshops that happen outside these limitations.

We already have extra-curricular activities as well as the reforms recently brought in the field of education, CCE; why do we need RESSET?

RESSET is designed keeping in mind the nuances of C.B.S.E. Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) system and therefore, it:

  • Complements the co scholastic sphere of CCE
  • Relates to the objectives of CCE
  • Catalyses the implementation of CCE

We intend to complement (and not interfere) with what is already happening in a school. Additionally, we don’t intend to put more pressure on the student than what is already existent.

Where do you intend to fit RESSET in the busy schedule of a student?

Working in tandem with the school authorities, the teachers & parents, we will work towards judiciously and efficiently using the student’s time. It is true that the program requires flexibility on the part of everyone involved but we intend to make it worth the effort and time.

How are you different from career counsellors?

We intend to give students ‘freedom of thought’, and not confuse them with our own opinions.

We want to expose them to the limitless choices they have for the future. Students are encouraged to explore, discover and choose what suits them the most. Frankly, RESSET is beyond careers. It instils unparalleled confidence in the students by creating a congenial environment for their overall growth and advocates a value based learning system.

Are you open for collaboration?

Absolutely! In fact we think we’re looking out for anyone who’s passionate about something. If you’re one of those people/organisations, you should make the hunt a little easier by contacting us.

You sound like rebels!

Do we? That’s not our intention. We are not against the education system, we find a gap in the system and we wish to fill it up in collaboration with schools and parents.

We want to know what you’re up to!

Thank you. Check out our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter for updates.

Few questions I have in mind do not appear in the FAQs. You guys aren’t smart enough!

Chances are high that we asked our web-designers to include that question in the list of FAQs, but they are too finicky about not including too many questions here. Anyways, we’d love to answer your questions. Drop us a line.

Contact us

Agree with us? Disagree? Like it or dislike it? or maybe relate to the problem? Feel free to share with us any questions, queries, objections and opinions. We’d love to hear from you.

Shoot us an email or call us at any of the following numbers:

+91  987-203-5659
+91  8699-361-637
+91  8699-361-638

We’re always on a lookout to collaborate with other professionals and organisations. If you wish to involve school students in projects that would help them gain exposure to your domain, kindly get in touch.

Who are we?

Us? Oh! We thought we’d already convinced
you to contact us even before you know us. Our bad!

We are a team of individuals who observe, perceive and believe differently from the cliché. We as a team have been exposed to tough and testing conditions in the diverse fields of Education, Management, Law, Engineering and Youth Leadership.

We enjoy chasing our passion, which is to make the world a better place to live in. We strongly believe that through our values and passion we can instigate the much needed transformation from a good world to a great world and thus, be a part of the RESSET change.